Stanley Palmer


11th Oct –
14th Oct 2017

ELECTRIC NIGHT: Thursday 12 October, 6-9pm-ish 
ARTIST TALK: Saturday 14 October, 11am

New and selected printmaking by STANLEY PALMER.  A four day only exhibition for Artweek 2017.

Gallery hours for Artweek are Wednesday 11 - 4pm, Thursday 11 - 4pm / 6-9pm-ish, Friday 11 - 4pm and Saturday 11 - 3pm.  The show ends Saturday and we will be closed the following week.

Virtuosic and innovative, Palmer’s printmaking stretches to capacity pictorial space as well as the potential of his materials. Using a process involving the engraving of bamboo sheaths, Palmer’s rich prints  demonstrate coastal rural landscaopes and multi-layered urban spaces dense with industry and crowded with lives lived. A signature palette sees burgundy and rust-like colours often contrasted with burred and inky shadows as well as scarred and pale timbers and skies. Within these earthy prints trees strain and twist throughout fractured and stratified landscapes that nonetheless are always rendered with warmth and sensitivity.

Dr Anne Kirker wrote in 2012 in Imprint magazine - "The prints in particular hold my attention as their materiality makes them particularly authentic, given the subject matter. They are intaglio, made from the silky side of bamboo sheaths, which has been dried, attened and cut into timber-like pieces before being butted and xed to card as a matrix ready for printing. The stretching of the husk creates ne lines that hold the ink as much as the engraved parts do. It equates with the human skin and with the sense of the natural world stretching......
Palmer invented his unique method of drypoint in 1967 when he was teaching art at a North Shore secondary school....To provide colour in his drypoints, Palmer adopted lithographic plates. These carried browns, burnt sienna and olive green, inks printed under and over the engraved lines and the soft hairline cracks. Sometimes, blue came into the equation, but not necessarily for literal effect; rather it added to the brooding quality of a hill or offset a print proofed in a rust tone and needing something like indigo."

This exhibition will introduce viewers to new work as well as revisiting earlier work.  Please enquire about further available editions.


  1. Aug. 2017. Artweek 2017 | Richard Orjis & Stanley Palmer | Public Pogrammes