Ruth Cleland


28th Mar –
21st Apr 2018

OPENING EVENT: Tuesday, 27 March, 5.30 - 7.30pm

Ruth Cleland has built her artistic reputation on exquisitely rendered drawings and paintings of the everyday – the wallpaper of our suburban lives. Her work appears familiar and yet alien – it could be from anywhere and everywhere.

In her new exhibition “Fluorescent”, Cleland shifts her focus from the external to the internal. From wide views to minute often overlooked details - concrete composite floors, flickering ceiling lamps, reflections and tiles. These figurative details are amplified and isolated to become abstract without context - and juxtaposed next to consciously abstract grids and colour fields typical of Cleland’s practice.

Image: Ceiling, Floor, Grid (detail) | 2018 | acrylic on aluminium composite panel | one of three panels