Henrietta Harris

Dipped in Time

6th Mar –
28th Mar 2024

OPENING EVENT: Tuesday, 5th March, 5.30-7.30pm

New work by Henrietta Harris where she continues her exploration of the timeless themes of portraiture and landscape. The new collection of work however delves deeper into the intricate interplay between humanity and nature as we grapple with the ever growing spectre of unpredictable weather and climate change. "Through my art I aim to capture the profound emotions that arise in the face of these changes - a mixture of awe, fear and a longing for a world that once was.  

My subjects, often portrayed in solitude, reflect the isolation  that many of us feel as we navigate an increasingly unpredicatble environment.  The land and seascapes in my paintings serve as a backdrop for this emotional narrative, reflecting the wild and unpredictable nature of our world. Yet they also symbolise the enduring beauty of the natural world, which continues to inspire us even in the face of adversity.  

In essence, this new exhibition will be an exploration of the human spirit in a time of great uncertainty.  It is a reflection of our place in the world and the deep emotional connections we have with both the land and with each other.  Through these portraits and landscapes, I hope to evoke a sense of reflection and contemplation, encouraging viewers to consider the unpredictable power of nature and what that might mean for humanity."


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