Ruth Cleland

Kingdom Come

7th May –
30th May 2014

An exhibition of new paintings  by RUTH CLELAND. "Ruth is hesitant to descibe her work as 'anthropological' but there is a sense of social documentary in her scenes of suburbia, empty shopping malls and parking buildings.  Not wanting her work to be a direct statement on suburban sprawl, but rather a snapshot in time without overt judgement or commentary, Ruth's work raises questions of what do we value, where do we spend time, and what will these places be like in the future?" (Steph Chalmers, "Inland Empire" exhibition catalogue, University of Waikato, 2013)

New work is eagerly anticipated following on from her work being featured concurrently in three public gallery exhibitions in late 2013 - "Idyll" at the Franklin Arts Centre (curated by Matt Blomeley); "As if you were bringing back dust from the moon" at the Papakura Art Gallery (curated by A.D. Schierning and Tracey Williams) and a joint exhibition "Inland Empire" with her husband and fellow artist Gary McMillan at Corbans Estate Arts Centre. 


  1. Sep. 2014. Ruth Cleland | Constant Practice | Franklin Arts Centre