Matt Ellwood

This Means War

27th Mar –
18th Apr 2019

OPENING EVENT: Tuesday 26 March 5.30-7.30pm

For "This Means War", Matt Ellwood brings together a seemingly disparate set of new and recent work that has been deliberately installed to create juxtapositions between sculpture and drawing, interrogating contemporary ideologies of advertising, consumerism, and capitalist structures whilst still celebrating the employed methodologies of representational drawing and handcrafted sculpture that he is well known for.

Each work is a provocation or response to an event, encounter, or fact; with associated imagery or forms appropriated directly but often intervened with or overlaid with another context or visual information that deliberately undermines the content or at least resists easy interpretation. These works also connect across each other in a dialectical manner but without any intention to make sense or create a readable whole. They are in fact more about nonsense, satire, and unconscious desire but are still intended to be a kind of interpellation for the viewer.

From the world of high fashion to the international politics of war, and the art worlds’ own commercial machinations; the shadow of neoliberalism is intended to be a lens to view the work through, with the audiences’ own views on the subject matter important in bringing subjective opinion - the artist himself preferring ambivalence over disingenuous protest.