Erica van Zon

Murky Waters Murky Horizons

6th May –
30th May 2015

Recent work by Wellington based artist ERICA VAN ZON made while 2014 artist in residence at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.  "My sculptures are re-makes, fakes and abstract representations of things in the world around me...I take inspiration from literature, film, TV, other artworks, my past and my daily life.  I notice these objects, let them sit with me for a while, and then have an overwhelming urge to re-make and re-mix them with my own aesthetics and knowledge"

David Eggelton described the work in "Dogwood Days" at the DPAG as "...Warm and fuzzy, or else repellently stickiy-icky, they are deliberately borderline kitsch, but at the same time possess a subtle, fairy-tale quality as enigmatic emblems that harbour echo-chamber resonances." (David Eggelton, Art New Zealand magazine review, page 39, issue number 153, Autumn 2015)

Works are available individually.  A selection of works will be posted.  To enquire specifically about a particular piece:


  1. Oct. 2014. ERICA VAN ZON | Dogwood days | Dunedin Public Art Gallery