Kirstin Carlin

cumulus wandering

11th May –
3rd Jun 2022

There will be no public opening event for this exhibition.  Please contact the gallery via email if you would like to preview works prior to the show.

Cumulus Wandering by Kirstin Carlin is an exhibition of predominately small scale paintings — the size of a novel or a large postcard. Carlin suggests the paintings in Cumulus Wandering “meander through landscapes, seasons, time of day” with imagery gathered from art history, internet searches or her iPhone photo library. Studies in colour and composition, her paintings are lush and loosely painted. From wide landscapes to flowers close up, Cumulus Wandering is made up of windows into Carlin’s way of seeing the world and her love of paint and painting.


  1. May. 2022. KIRSTIN CARLIN | Standing in the Sun | Te Tuhi