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The Auckland Art Gallery's Learning Centre currently features a year-long evolving exhibition by Tiffany Singh titled MAY THE RAINBOW ALWAYS TOUCH YOUR SHOULDERS. 

The sequence of colours here might not be the spectrum that you are most familiar with - it comes from Singh's study of eastern philosophy and spiritual beliefs.  The colours relate to the energy centres, or chakras, of the human body.  The six columns of stacked ceramic boxes have been dipped in coloured beeswax.  Each box contains wax casts of objects which have been gifted to the artist with the understanding of the sacred role they play.  The work also draws attention to the life of bees - the way they gather nectar, distribute pollen and make wax and honey.   "Bees are such an intrinsic part of the work - they are collaborators with me."

"Tiffany Singh uses different materials and icons in her work to promote cultural inclusivity and understanding" says Roger Taberner, Learning Programmes Manager. "It is her hope that this artwork will encourage visitors to share their views and gain a new appreciation of the world around them." Visitors are encouraged to experiment and participate in the creative process through a series of hands-on activities inspired by the artworks. They are also invited to share their response to the experience.

The exhibition continues till early December 2013 and is free to visit.
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