Ruth Cleland | As If You Were Bringing Back Dust From The Moon | Papakura Art Gallery


Recent work by RUTH CLELAND is featured in the exhibition "As If You Were Bringing Back Dust From The Moon" at the Papakura Art Gallery 26 December 2013 - 25 January 2014.  Other artists include Kate Small, Edith Amituanai, Clinton Watkins and more.

Co-curated by Tracey Williams and A.D. Schierning, the exhibition explores the common idea of little narratives, of quiet wonder from the suburbs, of the edges and of the peripheries, of the homely and the wonder of the everyday.  Configured especially for the Christmas period, the show is covert counter for the consumerism that characterises the celebration in Western Culture, by looking at the delight and humility of ordinariness.

"As if you were bringing back dust fromt he moon" is a line from the poem "Homecoming" by Anna Jackson that was published for her book "Catullus for Children".  The poem is about a boy, the poet's son, who returns to his home in the state house area of Mt Roskill after a year away living in Hamilton, swaggering his return to the delight and accolades of the neighbouring children... "in their vivid narratives, Hamilton might as well be the moon..."

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