Ruth Thomas-Edmond | City Gallery, Wellington


RUTH THOMAS-EDMOND exhibits newly commissioned vinyl work as part of the exhibition HOW TO FALL at the City Gallery in Wellington from 29 June - 25 August 2013.

The exhibition features site-specific work by Ruth Thomas-Edmond alongside Heather Harward, Marnie Slater and Melissa Irving and asks audiences to consider the possiblities of failure, practice, and what it means to fall.

"Ruth Thomas-Edmond’s collages may be read as diagrams of movement and time spent; they are, in one sense, simply what is left after the artist has gone. Cut up units of coloured vinyl are applied directly to the gallery walls, the repetitive gestures building up mass and form incrementally, as a drawing might be made. After extensive testing of materials and possible forms, the works on-site are ultimately made intuitively, practiced movements representing hundreds of small decisions. Only existing for the duration of the exhibition, this is collage as a measure of time, and the time before the exhibition began, in the studio." (Abby Cunnane, City Gallery website, July 2013)

Artist talk 2pm, 13th July.

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