Tessa Laird publication


TESSA LAIRD will release her new artist book "A Rainbow Reader" on 10th November at the AUCKLAND ART GALLERY as part of a public programmes reading for the exhibition "Freedom Farmers". 

"A Rainbow Reader" is a work of creative non-fiction which looks at colour from the personal perspective of artist and writer Tessa Laird.  In 2009 Laird started a Doctorate of Fine Arts investigating the (r)evolutionary power of colour, from a personal, and political, transformative angle.  "A Rainbow Reader" is the result of that study, but it is no ordinary academic treatise.  Consisting of six chapters, one of each spectral hue, colour becomes a catalyst for speculative writing encompassing art history, literary criticism, personal anecdote, philosophy and anthropology.

192 pages
135 x 210 mm
individually shrink wrapped
Edition of 100
published by Clouds
ISBN: 978-0-9876593-7-8
RRP $25 each

To enquire: info@melanierogergallery.com