TIffany Singh | Montalvo Arts Centre residency


Tiffany Singh is currently on a 3 month residency at the Montalvo Arts Centre in California, USA.  She will exhibit new work THE BELLS OF MINDFULNESS made during her time as an artist in residence, as part of the exhibition COME HEALING.

With THE BELLS OF MINDFULNESS, Singh undertakes a quest to create and identify sacred spaces around us. Drawing on the Buddhist tradition of using temple bells to remind one to come back to the present moment and practice mindfulness, Singh suspends 1,000 bells attached to brightly colored ribbons from a persimmons tree in Montalvo’s Italianate Garden, creating a tranquil space for rest and reflection.

Singh’s project unfolds over time: First, she greets visitors under the bell-covered tree, inviting us to make origami paper cranes and discuss peace, community and wellbeing. Later, she gives the bells as gifts to participants who will carry them to places they consider shared spaces of calm and peace. Documentation of these spaces will be uploaded onto an interactive web-based map, creating a complex portrait of what sacred space means to us today.

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