Richard Orjis | Crane Brothers collaboration


RICHARD ORJIS has collaborated with Crane Brothers Contemporary Tailors on their new Winter 2014 campaign. 

Photographing celebrated contemporary New Zealand dancer Thomas Fonua, Orjis captured him moving in a classic black tuxedo and bow tie.  "Using the technique of collage I pulled different elements together.  This process reflects the cutting and placing of fabric in clothing construction and power of clothing to transform."

Says Crane Brothers director and long term arts supporter Murray Crane - "I liked the idea of an artist interpreting our product from a purely visual perspective rather than the traditional styling perspective.  Richard's work hangs in our Sydney showroom and I've always been a huge fan."
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RICHARD ORJIS is currently the Tylee Cottage Artist in Residence at the Sarjeant Gallery in Whanganui.  He will exhibit new collaborative work with TESSA LAIRD and TIFFANY SINGH at Melanie Roger Gallery in April 2014.