TIFFANY SINGH | Life is but a Vapour | Te Uru


TIFFANY SINGH presents "Life is but a Vapour" at Waitakere's new contemporary art gallery Te Uru from 11 December 2014 - 15 February 2015.  The exhibition is the presentation of work developed during Singh's three month stay at McCahon House in Summer 2013-2014 as Artist in Residence.

Singh worked with the community and opened her studio as a sacred space for people to make a string of bells, flowers and other trinkets with messages to loved ones who are no longer with them. These strings were then blessed on site and strung in a tree where they slowly amassed to create a public shrine for the local community to visit. At the end of the three months the strings were collected and blessed in a ceremony at which they were burnt and the ashes collected.

Film maker Robert George worked with Singh and the participants to document the experience and this film piece will be exhibited as part of the exhibition.

Tiffany Singh will exhibit at Melanie Roger Gallery in February 2015.
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