TIFFANY SINGH | The Revision of Optics | Singapore


Utilising a natural rainbow to explore ceremony and ritual in different cultures, TIFFANY SINGH’s latest installation, "The Revision of Optics" gathers materials from around Singapore that have relationships to healing the body and mind.  It is currently on exhibition at The Esplanade in Singapore from 3 October 2014 - 4 January 2015.

Floor component includes ribbons and handmade fair trade Indika bells as well as a collaborative component with artist Milan Rai that involves butterflies as a symbol of transformation and change. Goddesses Lalitha and Kali link to Singh’s recent exhibition at the Siddharta Art Gallery in Nepal, located in the centre of the installation surrounded by chrysanthemums, roses, lavender and globe flowers with scents of chilli, turmeric and jasmine.

"The Revision of Optics" manifests once again Singh’s signature colour spectrum with a new alteration: the disappearance of indigo and the addition of magenta.

Singh’s fascination with rainbows dates back to her installation "Newton & the Piece Bomb" as part of "Knowing Me Knowing You: New Artists Show" at Artspace Auckland in 2010. According to Singh rainbows teach her to see things differently: “It’s a creative practice to take time and see the beauty in the flowers, spices and nature that I am so grateful for. Colour is a gift and a joy to work with, making natural rainbows is a therapy unto itself.”

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