ERICA VAN ZON, TIFFANY SINGH & LIYEN CHONG | Imagine Asia | Pataka Art Museum


ERICA VAN ZON (top image), TIFFANY SINGH and LIYEN CHONG (lower image) exhibit work in "Imagine Asia" at Pataka Art Museum in Wellington from 22 February - 3 May 2015.  Since 2007, the Asia New Zealand Foundation has run a programme of artist-in-residence opportunities in Asia for emerging and mid-career New Zealand artists. An exhibition of works by artists who have benefitted from these residencies will be launched at Pataka Art + Museum as part of the Asia New Zealand Foundation’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

The emphasis will be on each artist’s Asian residency experience. Works have been selected to show how the artists responded to their Asian emersion and in what way their time there has affected their subsequent practice. The content of "Imagine Asia" is technically diverse, richly colourful and accessible to a wide audience; conveying the excitement, wonder and confusion many New Zealanders feel when they first visit Asia.

The exhibition will include works on canvas, panel and paper in a variety of media, photography, sculpture, installation and moving image.  To find out more: and

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