ERICA VAN ZON | The Quiet Earth | Ramp Gallery


Director Geoff Murphy’s 1985 cult sci-fi feature ‘The Quiet Earth’ turns 30 this year. This exhibition at RAMP Gallery, features new work by three artists including ERICA VAN ZON and two writers, all responding to ‘The Quiet Earth’.

The artists will be in the gallery at 4pm prior to the opening preview for a discussion about their work.

The Quiet Earth
Artists: Erica van Zon / Julia Reynolds / Joseph Scott
Writers: Dr Matthew Bannister / Dr Richard Swainson

Opening preview: Wed 14 Oct, 5 – 7 pm
Artist talk: Wed 14 Oct, 4 pm
15 Oct – 13 Nov, 2015

To enquire about works by ERICA VAN ZON: