ERICA VAN ZON | Tylee Cottage Residency, Whanganui


Congratulations ot ERICA VAN ZON who has been confirmed as one of the 2016 Artists in Residence at The Tylee Cottage in Whanganui from January - March.

"Over the past year I have conducted a number of trips to Whanganui. I am drawn to the small observable moments; styles in modernist concrete bricks, fltered light on a Sunday afternoon, the unique Kowhai Park play area, lichen covering the pavements, windblown beaches, Victorian architecture and the murkiness of the Whanganui river. These details combine to create a certain local favour, ambiance and palette that I would like to tap into, and offer a strong place to begin working from.

This project will be Whanganui-centric, pulling inspiration from my interactions with the city. I aim to draw from the Whanganui locality and then fall into a rabbit hole with it. The project will show the workings of my brain; the connections I make when I'm looking. I plan to start with an object or image, then see where associations and connections take me, ultimately creating a new interpretation of it. Rather than literally making objects 1:1 as I have done in the past, I intend to use this residency to progress my practice by making narrative loops and representing objects’ back stories, working more with abstraction, and dealing formally with scale."

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