GAVIN HURLEY | Art New Zealand Magazine


The new Winter issue of Art New Zealand magazine includes a feature by Peter Wells on the recent work of GAVIN HURLEY.  He writes -

"I offer these interpretations as a personal response to Hurley's work.  I have to add that Hurley's fans belong to no particular type.  Women are as passionate about his art as men.  This may be because there is a lulling aspect to his art - the sheen of its surface, its embracing of a gnomic silence, the flirtation with the past. Quixotic, charming, mysterious, these works create their own small history and live on."

Pick up your copy of Art New Zealand to read the full text.

GAVIN HURLEY will exhibit recent work in a group exhibition at Melanie Roger Gallery in July. To enquire about works by GAVIN HURLEY:

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