TESSA LAIRD | Five by Five: New Conversations with Clay | Te Uru Gallery


Recent work by TESSA LAIRD is featured in the exhibition "Five by Five: New Conversations with Clay" at Te Uru Gallery in Waitakere from 11 April - 7 June 2015. 

In 1980, Denis Cohn Gallery in Auckland staged an exhibition of five artists who each showed five works. The artists — Bronwyn Cornish, Peter Hawkesby, Denis O’Connor, John Parker and Warren Tippet — shared a desire to abandon convention and approach ceramics from a new direction that was at some remove from the tradition of the craft potter. The works they showed were relentlessly non-functional and influenced by a range of philosophies and working processes.

35 years later, "Five by Five" reprises the format of showing five works from five artists who experiment on the fringes of ceramic practice. Curated by original "Five by Five" artist, John Parker, "Five by Five: New Conversations with Clay" brings together work from five artists who each straddle the divide between craft and fine arts, promising to again challenge perceptions about what can be said about clay, with clay.

Artists: Kate Fitzharris, TESSA LAIRD, Kate Newby, Suji Park and Louise Rive.


To enquire about works by TESSA LAIRD: info@melanierogergallery.com