TIFFANY SINGH | Santa Fe Art Institute Residency


TIFFANY SINGH is on a three month residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute in California from March - May 2015.  The focus of her residency is "Food Justice" and Singh will be researching and working with local communities as well as collaborating with other visiting international artists. 

Singh has worked with foods and flowers in various ways, drawing on scent, texture and the beauty of nature’s bounty to connect with an audience in a real and visceral way.  This thematic residency encourages creative minds to come together and examine the issue of food justice. Scientists, artists and food growers have been brought together to interrogate how diverse creative practices, environmental sciences, sustainable agriculture, critical theory and food studies might be used to confront the social, cultural and economic problems in food systems.

As part of this deeply engaging and thoughtful initiative, Singh is working on three projects: a collaborative Eco Mural, watercolour paintings made from food dyes as well as a performance piece.

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