Derek Henderson and Peter Peryer | Ruminations in the Cloisters | Govett Brewster Gallery


DEREK HENDERSON (top image) and PETER PERYER (bottom image) both have work in the exhibition "Ruminations in the Cloisters: Talking About Photography" at Old Bank Space (A Govett Brewster Gallery annex), 87 Devon Street West, New Plymouth.

An exhibition of photographs by 12 New Zealand artists: Laurence Aberhart, Mark Adams, Wayne Barrar, Janet Bayly, Joyce Campbell, Ben Cauchi, Samuel Hartnett, Derek Henderson, Anne Noble, Peter Peryer, Andrew Ross and Aaron Seeto [Australia].  In addition to a viewing experience for visitors we look forward to engaging in wide-ranging discussions on photography, including the importance and care of family collections, personal and institutional collecting, and the material nature of photographic prints.

The exhibition references Taranaki; Peter Peryer [Arts Foundation Laureate], a New Plymouth resident of 15 years, featuring work that complements his June Old Bank Space exhibition and Laurence Aberhart [Arts Foundation Laureate], Taranaki photographs, featuring work that reinforces and expands on his 2012 Govett-Brewster exhibition: "Recent Taranaki Photographs". And a materiality component [modalities employed in contemporary practice, from Albumin print to Tintype] references the current Govett-Brewster exhibition "Emanations"

Thursday 28 - Sunday 31 July, 10 am - 6 pm | Thursday 25 – Sunday 28 August, 10 am - 6 pm

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