Erica van Zon | By The Laws of Chance | Dunedin Public Art Gallery


Recent work by ERICA VAN ZON is included in the exhibition "By The Laws of Chance" curated by Andrea Bell  at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery 10 December 2016 - 19 February 2017.

The definition of chance varies according to philosophical, religious, mystical, and cultural contexts. Some attribute it to strength in faith or superstitious belief, while others look for answers in logic, the laws of physics or mathematical probability. In this exhibition, historical photography and decorative arts sit alongside contemporary investigations into the possibilities of experiencing chance events through random social exchanges, the stock market, and gambling.

Includes work by Oscar Enberg, Nicholas Mangan, Tim Wagg, Erica van Zon, John Ward Knox, Joseph Perry and Ryuzo Nishida.

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