Ruth Thomas Edmond | Body Memory | Fresh Gallery


Ruth Thomas Edmond's major sculptural work "Sugared Heap" (2012) will be exhibited  in "Body | Memory" at Fresh Gallery in Otara from March 24th.

"Body | Memory" is a group exhibition about abstract painting and mark making in contemporary art practices. Artists from diverse backgrounds have been brought together by their fascination with line. The works in the exhibition use abstraction based on line to respond to ideas in different ways – some are meditative, repetitious or playful while others reveal and reinvent cultural traditions in an original contemporary way.

Lines and marks are never neutral, they have a sense of time about them and convey both the past and present. The title Body I Memory refers to the way the memory of art making is stored in the body of the artists and the knowledge of gestures and techniques are repeated in their current works. New memories can be made by the visitor in experiencing these works, creating for them too - Body | Memory.

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