Tessa Laird | A Turn of the Wheel | Malcolm Smith Gallery


Recent ceramic work by TESSA LAIRD is featured in the exhibition "A Turn of the Wheel" at the Malcolm Smith Gallery from 23 January - 25 February 2017.

Curated by departing manager / curator Balamohan Shingade, the exhibition asks - With the radical break of abstract art in the 20th Century, how do contemporary artists embrace the idea of storytelling?  How do today's artists employ narrative to communicate ideas of history and identity, among other trenchant themes?  For these artists storytelling does not always require plots, characters or settings; rather narrative potential lies in everyday objects and materials, and their embedded cultural associations.  In projects created through research, the artists in "A Turn of the Wheel" uncover layers of meaning, turning to individual experience as a means of conveying shared stories whether fictional or real.

Artists include Jon Carapiet, Lok Chitrakar, TESSA LAIRD, Lorene Taurerewa and Shruti Yatri.


To enquire about works by TESSA LAIRD: info@melanierogergallery.com