TIFFANY SINGH | Fly me up to Where You Are | New Zealand Festival, Wellington


Each of the 14,000 flags in TIFFANY SINGH’s award-winning installation expresses the hopes and dreams of a child somewhere in New Zealand. Singh has been working with school children from Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch since 2012, helping them turn their ideas into vibrant images.

For this showing, audiences will see flags from all three cities, flying together for the first time. After the Festival, they will continue their journey to the Himalayas, where, as a collective offering of peace from New Zealand, they will join the millions of Buddhist “prayer flags” that inspired the project.

The installation will run from 27th February - 19 March 2016 as part of the New Zealand Festival.  It was originally commissioned by Auckland Festival in 2013 and has also been exhibited in part at the Christchurch Festival in 2013. 

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