Victoria Munro | Great White | Staten Island Arts, NY, USA


New York based New Zealand artist VICTORIA MUNRO is exhibiting her new project "Great White: Collapsing Spaces / Alternate Locations" at Staten Island Arts in New York from March 3 – May 14, 2016

Great White is an exhibit based on ideas relating to the physical gallery space of Culture Lounge, its proximity to its harbor setting, and the broader community need for exhibition space.

Inspired by the design of collapsible shipping containers and art handling crates, artist Victoria Munro designed and constructed a small, folding, portable gallery, debuting and testing the prototype in Staten Island Arts’ Culture Lounge over the course of 10 weeks. This portable gallery, called Great White, will sit inside the Culture Lounge gallery space and function both as its own gallery and as a model for possible future exhibitions in other locations involving the broader Staten Island and New York arts community.

Great White aims to create a dialogue around contemporary notions of art making and exhibition practice, curatorial roles, the role of gallery and its impact on the creation and viewing of art, and sustainable practices both in art making and shipping industry.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to walk inside and experience the ‘show within a show’. The portable gallery itself when not in use will fold down to a flat rectangle made of lightweight plywood for easy installation and transportation.

During the course of the exhibit there will be four, solo, one-day exhibitions held in the portable gallery to exercise its flexible design and function. The exhibiting artists, Rossana Martinez, Arrow Mueller, Lisa Dahl and Holli McEntegart, all maintain practices that engage with notions of the “gallery space.” The artists will have individual opening celebrations for their work/performance/installation/intervention (dates listed below). Great White will culminate with a panel discussion by the participating artists and Victoria Munro to explore contemporary ideas around gallery practices for artists and curators.

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