Yolunda Hickman | Empty Orchestra - Rock Garden | Papakura Art Gallery


Guest artist YOLUNDA HICKMAN exhibits new work alongside work by Gabrielle Amodeo in the two person exhibition  "Empty Orchestra / Rock Garden" at the Papakura Art Gallery from 8 October - 12 November 2016 as part of ARTWEEK 2016.

The two artists use diverse media to create a new language where the familiar becomes novel and strange. Symbols and fragments of information float free in a collage of materials from puzzles and cross stitch to painting and animation.

Yolunda Hickman (b. 1988) an Auckland-based artist, graduated with an MFA from Elam School of Fine Arts, the University of Auckland in 2012. Hickman’s practice is concerned with the slippage between abstraction and meaning through the limitations of communication and representation.

YOLUNDA HICKMAN will exhibit new cross stitched works from this exhibition at Melanie Roger Gallery in late November in the exhibition "A Stitch in Time". To enquire: info@melanierogergallery.com