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ERICA VAN ZON's exhibition "Opal Moon, Local Lime" originally made for and exhibited at the Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui is traveling to Auckland and will be exhibited at Objectspace as part of their Summer programme from 8 December 2017 - 17 February 2018.

Much like a map, which has no real starting point, van Zon has taken ‘landmarks’ in the shape of different objects to reference the history of Whanganui reasearched while she was a Tylee Cottage Artist in Residence. The installation remains connected throughout, but without one object assuming importance over any other. The exhibition title Opal Moon, Local Lime refers to two works in the show but also materials the artist has worked with, another hint at the subtle links that run as undercurrents throughout.

The overall effect of the installation feels familiar to its op shop roots, with a vast array of objects in differing materials imbuing the exhibition with a sense of discovery. On a recent trip to Whanganui, the artist noted “how important some of the landmarks I’ve used are, and how local artists appreciate their beauty or Whanganui-ness, such as Kowhai Park, the Gonville Hospice Shop arches, or the Don Wilson-designed annex adjoined to the former Māori Land Court building.”

van Zon has a history of recreating the world she sees around her by hand using methods such as tapestry, beadwork and ceramics. In this project she has also enlisted the help of various craftspeople for the fabrication of steel, leadlight and printed fabric pieces, allowing her the freedom to take on role of auteur while maintaining her vision and signature in the work. Everything is considered and nothing has been left to chance: from the carefully designed fabric and metal works, to the display shelves created specially by the artist herself.

- Jessica Kidd, Assistant Curator, Sarjeant Gallery

Objectspace is located in it's brand new purpose built premises at 13 Rose Rd in Ponsonby.  
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ERICA VAN ZON will exhibit a solo presentation with Melanie Roger Gallery in early 2018.

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