LIYEN CHONG, RICHARD ORJIS & PATRICK POUND | Bright Lights, Soft Launch | Malcolm Smith Gallery


Work by LIYEN CHONG, RICHARD ORJIS and PATRICK POUND is included in the exhibition "Bright Light, Soft Launch" at the Malcolm Smith Gallery 1 May - 3 June 2017.

Contemporary art practice has expanded the genre of portrait photography past purely documentary or commemorative intention.  Over the past few decades there has been an emergence of multiple strains of photographic practice and a varience on the ways that artists construct and create an image; however what remains constant is the desire to address the way in which we perceive ourselves.

"Bright Lights, Soft Launch" brings together emerging and established artists exploring representations of the figure through image making.

The artists featured take a poetic and nuanced approach to portrait photography, teasing out characters and personas and presenting their subjects in a kaleidoscope of ways.....Stylistically these artists are diverse; yet all are connected through a contemplation of how we can be captured through a lens.  As a group they speak to the distinctive values we ascribe to the individual, the body and to personal identity.

Other artists in the exhibition include Russ Flatt, Solomon Mortimer, Yvonne Todd, Di French and more... 

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