Richard Orjis | Rimbun Dahan Residency, Malaysia


Congratulations to RICHARD ORJIS who is the current Asia New Zealand Foundation Artist in Residence at Rimban Dahan in Malaysia.  The residency is for three months from February to April 2017.

"My artistic research is driven by an interest in the garden and how I might understand place through these green spaces. I see gardens as exciting and complex intersections of art, nature and culture. They can offer insight into how a culture views the natural world, aesthetics, politics, religion, gender and class.

The proposed project for my time at Rimbun Dahan will be the production of publication containing photographs, text and drawings which be created in response to the green spaces of area. The project will encompass the breadth of the local environment, from the manicured to the accidental, from the civic to the domestic. It takes the premise that a city like Kuala Lumpur could be perceived as a vast garden with a functioning ecology of people, animals, plants and elements."

RICHARD ORJIS will exhibit new work at Melanie Roger Gallery in late 2017.
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