Patrick Pound | 2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Divided Worlds


PATRICK POUND will present new work "The Point of Everything" at the 2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art from 3rd March - 3rd June at the Art Gallery of South Australia.  Curated by Erica Green, the exhibition will also include work by Emily Floyd, Patricia Piccinini, Danial Boyd and many more.

To create his work "The Point of Everything", 2018, for "Divided Worlds", Patrick Pound firstly trawled through the Art Gallery of South Australia’s online collection, then through the physical stores themselves, looking closely at the works of art, at insignificant details, and searching for ‘like’ images and things. In a diverse range of portraits and figure paintings, Pound found commonality in the simple gesture of ‘pointing’. Stretching the concept (or he would say ‘point’) further, Pound noticed objects with pointed parts such as C.E. Firnhaber’s, Presentation trowel, c.1850, and Rowan Pootchemunka’s carved wooden Echidna, 1996–97, and even discovered a photograph of a power point! As these examples reveal, Pound’s love of wordplay and the nuances of language are as much a part of his work as the images.

Pound refers to his collection categories as ‘Galleries’ or ‘Museums’, a humorous conceit which plays on notions
 of the authority and significance ascribed to objects in institutional archives. In the case of The Point of Everything, the objects, all of which ‘hold an idea of the point and pointing’, make up a fictitious ‘Museum of pointing’.

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