KRISTY GORMAN | The Decision to Drift | Malcolm Smith Gallery


KRISTY GORMAN is included in the exhibition "The Decision to Drift" at Malcolm Smith Gallery from 9 September - 13 October 2019.  The exhibition features the work of three painters – Amy Blinkhorne, KRISTY GORMAN, and Emma Smith. These artists explore notions of stillness in varied ways – forms flit, linger, are held and haunt the surfaces. The works slow the viewer in a quiet state of recalibration, of floating observance, residual uneasiness and slow terror.

In the work of Kristy Gorman forms that are at once familiar and ambiguous are spliced and reconstructed to tease out issues of surface and depth, figure and ground, stability and fragility. Edited observations and tricks of the light are recalled as floating planes hover and shift quietly within the frame and beyond it.

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