Kirstin Carlin | Britomart Flag Project


A public project featuring work by KIRSTIN CARLIN has been unveiled at Britomart in Auckland as part of their ongoing commitment to working with contemporary artists.  "

The more than 20 Britomart flags consist of close-up details of eight floral still-life oil paintings I have made and exhibited over the last few years. When I was asked to collaborate on this project I knew immediately I would use detail shots of my paintings on the flags rather than anything pictorial.  I love the idea of the flags –– which have become a study in texture and colour – blowing in the wind. Visitors to Britomart will be looking at a closeup of a painting from a distance which I also love! On the information stickers under the flags they have been described as: “layers of abstract-looking brushstrokes evoke the feeling of piles of petals in spring”, which I think sums them up well."

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