Rozana Lee | Home is Anywhere in the World | Meanwhile, Wellington



ROZANA LEE has just opened a new exhibition “Home is Anywhere in the World” at artist run space Meanwhile in Wellington.

"What makes a place a home? 
Is it the objects and furnishings we acquire; the woolen rugs, wallpaper and curtains? Is it the familiar song of birds sounding at our window each morning, or the breeze gently blowing our clothes dry in the afternoon sun? It is those that make our house a home - our family and friends - that make us feel we belong?

Can home be anywhere in the world? And can we cultivate a sense of belonging not sprung or bound by notions of race, language or geography? One that seeks and forges connection between diverse people, cultures, things, rhythms and contours? One with the idea of Earth as a home, the commonality of humankind in our shared space, regardless of ethnicity, religion, nationality, and ideology? 
One that is kinder.

Drawing from her multi-generational family history of migration and displacement, Rozana’s practice investigates how cultural dynamism can be felt as togetherness and belonging, without being grounded in homogeneity. Working across textiles and moving images, Home is Anywhere in the World explores the idea of home and it’s ability to exist both within and beyond national and geographic boundaries.”

This is a solo show, opening on FRIDAY 21 AUG, 5.30PM, runs for 2 weeks.

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