Erica van Zon | Homespun | Franklin Arts Centre


ERICA VAN ZON has a selection of recent bead and tapestry based works in the exhibition "Homespun" at the Franklin Arts Centre from 30 January - 13 March 2021.

Homespun is group exhibition featuring artists working in a range of mediums centring around ideas of both home and the handmade. Homespun responds to recent experiences of home through bringing to the surface the little things that stand out, the moments of beauty amidst the routines of domestic life.

Experiencing the pandemic has altered our understanding of being at home. For some isolation is accompanied by a renewed interest in making things by hand, for instance, making bread and other ‘slow’ pastimes during lockdown one in Aotearoa.

Drawing on elements of a heightened domestic experience, the artists in Homespun work across a wide range of mediums, beading, embroidery, rug making, painting and film. At times vibrant and influenced by pop art the works of the artists in Homespun portray domestic scenes, focusing on family relationships and a cocktail of everyday objects. Quieter moments are also revealed by the works for the viewer to mull over.

The desire is there to make things and to connect to the makers behind the façade of our everyday lives. The artists in Homespun offer the potential for new ways of being in the world and the possibility of discovering more about ourselves and our homes.

Artists include Katie Blundell, Erica van Zon, Areez Katki and Joanna Margaret Paul.

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