Erica van Zon & karen Rubado | 1924 | Corban's Estate Arts Centre


Recent work by ERICA VAN ZON (bottom) and kAREN RUBADO (top) is included in the exhibition "1924" curated by Maddie Gifford  at Corbans Estate Arts Centre.

1924 marks the year that building on the Homestead at the heart of Corban Estate was completed, and the Corban family first resided in their new home. Almost 100 years later, 1924 presents a dynamic group of contemporary textile artists in Aotearoa who each nod to the domestic nature of both the Homestead Galleries and their own considered practices in embroidery, weaving, crochet, quilting, tapestry and tuft-rug. Through the complexity and tactility of the fibre medium, 1924 considers the historic and modern-day roles of textiles both in the home and in the gallery space. Each work evokes the enchanting heritage and memory of the Corban Estate galleries; once a parlour, a library and various bedrooms within the Corban family home on Great North Road.