Emma Fitts | The Air, Like a Stone | The Physics Room


EMMA FITTS presents new work for the exhibition "The Air , Like a Stone" with Rosalind Nashashibi at The Physics Room in Christchurch.

Whakatau and opening: Friday 16 June, from 5:30pm
Exhibition runs: 16 June – 30 July 2023

"The air, like a stone", brings together a feature-length 16mm film by Rosalind Nashashibi, Denim Sky (2018-2022), and a newly commissioned installation by Emma Fitts. Vastly different in many ways, Nashashibi and Fitts’ works share a concern with non-nuclear relationships—social, material, human—and non-linear time. Denim Sky is made with friends and family as cast, over three years and across locations including the Orkney Islands, the Scottish National Gallery, and the Baltic Sea. The work is based on a fiction that a group has been brought together to experiment with a form of space travel that uses non-linear time. In Fitts’ work, made from canvas, felted wool, metal and wooden rods, rope and other textiles, the materials are inter-reliant elements in a larger system, architectural structure or drawing. The work occupies the front of the gallery, remaining lit and able to be viewed through the night, for the duration of the show. As a whole the exhibition is about moments of convergence, or community: when something intuitively or collectively experienced becomes momentarily solid and substantial, like a stone.

To enquire about works by EMMA FITTS: melanie@melanierogergallery.com