August Ward


August Ward (2000) is an artist based primarily in Tamaki Makaurau. Her paintings explore the signature of glamour in everyday life. Working in her signature graphite and oil style, Ward depicts a world of perfume counters, high heels and bouquets of flowers. Her works exist in the uncanny valley of womanhood, with wrongness as a central theme. She is heavily inspired by reality tv, especially The Real Housewives franchise. The idea of the surface is central to Ward's work, both the painting's surface (thick paint, strong pencil lines) and the glamour which may exist on the surface, concealing something darker underneath. Reflecting on her previous work in the fashion industry and high-end Auckland hair salons, Ward creates objects of desire formed through a compulsion towards glamour. 

August Ward is an early career artist who has recently completed studies at Elam School of Fine Art, University of Auckland.  She has exhibited in artist run spaces and galleries fo the past three years including shows at Paper Anniversary (Auckland), Sanc Gallery (Auckland), Envy (Wellington) and Paludal (Christchurch).

Selected Media.

  1. Looking for skeletons, they only found shoes
    Victoria Wynne-Jones, Paper Anniversary
  2. August Ward: Recovery
    Victoria Wynne-Jones, Paludal
  3. Meet August Ward
    Parisa Torkaman, The Art Paper