Veronica Herber


Veronica Herber is a full time artist based in Tamaki Makaurau who has exhibited throughout Aotearoa and internationally. Upon graduating from AUT, Herber was invited to participate in several large outdoor sculpture shows  - she has been included four times at Sculpture by the Sea (Sydney, Australia), three at Waiheke Headland on the Gulf exhibitions and created installations in Mexico and Cuba. 

Her works on paper are included in the Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki and The Arts House Trust, plus private collections throughout New Zealand.  She received the Arts Trust New Zealand sculptor Award, Sculpture by the Sea Bondi in 2015 and was a Parkin Prize finalist 2022, 2021, 2017. 

While attending AUT University, Herber became fully engaged in contemporary art practice. She moved on from being a painter when she unearthed a desire to work with different processes, discovering masking tape as a medium half way through her degree. Over two years of experimentation she fell in love with the immediacy and versatility of the material, culminating in her trademark tape fabric and large-scale outdoor sculpture works.

A deep conversation with Japanese washi tape ensued and now Herber has a formalist practice with each work a process leading to the next. These works are made from hand torn pieces of Japanese Washi Foto tape with a minimalist leaning, revolving around the structure of the grid.

Veronica Herber will exhibit new work at Melanie Roger Gallery as part of a group exhibition in July 2024.


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