Alexi Willemsen

Image of Light, Adieu

3rd Oct –
27th Oct 2012

The figure is explored in an active state, negotiating through the various weights of internal and external experience. Positioned at either vantage point or in undefined locations, characters locate and suggest a ritualistic relationship with their environments. Intimations of ceremony open up ideas about memory, accessibility, repetition and the reinterpretation of light, as part of a personal and collective mythology and mystification.

Formal concerns translate a painterly language into layers of appearances. As perception shifts there exists a contingency in the
formation of image, or appearance, one reliant on external light and on the movement of the viewer. Light reflections created by even, feathered brushwork, combined with a subtle and nuanced palette, at once reveal and conceal form as content and surface. This form of veiling, which is under constant evaluation within my practice, alludes to an innate curiosity and speculation of a place in the world - in the landscapes, between the characters and themselves, and the limited plane.

Light – Weight - Mobility