Kirstin Carlin & Derek Henderson

1st Mar –
1st Apr 2023

An exhibition featuring new work by Derek Henderson and Kirstin Carlin alongside work by selected guest artists.....further details to come.

When the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano erupted in Tonga in January 2022, it became the largest eruption ever recorded with modern technology. The blast, estimated to be hundreds of times stronger than the Hiroshima nuclear explosion, was heard in Alaska, more than 10,000 kms away.

Inspired by the skies during Henderson’s recent time spent on the West Coast of the South Island near Greymouth, this curated group show explores light and more specifically the deep and rich sunsets generated by the volcanic eruptions in Tonga.

“Usually when you see a sunrise or sunset, it is the clouds that morph into the most vibrant colours. However, when stratospheric aerosols are present following a volcanic eruption, they scatter and bend the light as the sun dips or rises past the horizon, creating a glow in the sky with hues of blue, purple, and violet..... These bewitching scenes are made even more striking by crepuscular rays caused by shadowing from distant clouds or mountain barriers.” (Nava Fedaeff, NIWA forecaster, 2022)