Martin Poppelwell

post hole

12th Mar –
5th Apr 2014

An exhibition of new paintings, drawings and pottery by Martin Poppelwell, "Post Hole" is a further redistribution of writing, drawing, painting and making over a diverse set of materials.  Poppelwell has been exhibiting ceramics in contemporary art spaces for over 20 years (including recently at Te Papa Museum of New Zealand as part of "Collecting Contemporary" in 2012) and has been using the medium as a way of inhabiting and manipulating the cultural and historical readings that the practice, by its nature, inherits.

The project builds on previous work to further suspend the notion of how the mediums and materials can be significant in the way we engage with artworks.  Here Poppelwell continues to combine elements from his immediate studio / garden environment to make what could be described as an 'exquisite corpse' of the familiar - tree stumps, leaves, rocks, fingers are uncompromisingly hurled together to unique effect.

A new catalogue publication and limited edition poster have been published to coincide with this exhibition.


  1. Mar. 2014. Martin Poppelwell publication