Emily Wolfe


27th May –
20th Jun 2020

Emily Wolfe presents a new body of work called “Hinterland”. Wolfe has long been interested in what we can’t see – the unknown, the hidden, the area lying beyond what is visible or known. Her new series extends this interest by including what appear to be old master styled landscape paintings retrieved from perhaps an estate sale. Added to them are her own quirky signs of work – discarded furniture pieces, unwritten note pages, pieces of gauze stuck to and disrupting the serenity beyond.

Wolfe began painting these works as the world was going into the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. UK based, her country of residence has been hard hit and with much of the population in lockdown, Wolfe has been no exception. Many of these works have been painted during this isolation period and it seems fitting in this new era of uncertainty, that the unknown and the hidden is referred to in this new series.


  1. Feb. 2020. Virtual Auckland Art Fair 2020