MARTIN POPPELWELL | Form | Papakura Art Gallery


Recent ceramic wall works by MARTIN POPPEWELL are included in the new exhibition "Form", curated by AD Schierning for the Papakura Art Gallery.  "Form" is intended as a consideration of the perception of artifacts via the inherent qualities of materials and their affects.

Following on from the 2014 exhibition at Franklin Arts Centre, "Constant Practise", which focused on the importance of hands-on making practices for a diverse selection of contemporary visual artists; "Form" takes objects – made from clay or paint – as subjects and looks at them in the context of intuitive production. While the artists included in the exhibition each has their own modus operandi, the works they have contributed intersect with and expand conversation regarding the pursuit of a studio-based practice, steeped in craft and materiality.

"Form," runs from 21 January - 7 March 2015 and includes work by Harriet Stockman | Ziggy Lever | Martin Poppelwell | Joe Prisk | Diane Scott | Isobel Thom | Lauren Winstone | Hayley Bridgford | Phillip Trott | Eloise Worrall-Bader | Claudia Jowitt | Sue Lavender | Jasmine Te Hira | Shuet-Fong Lee

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