Claudia Jowitt and Patrick Pound | Painting: A Transitive Space | St Paul St Gallery


"Painting: a transitive space" is initiated by Simon McIntyre (coordinator, facilitator, participant and curator) and includes new and recent work by gallery artists CLAUDIA JOWITT and PATRICK POUND.

This first event is an exhibition project with 21 participating artists opening on Tuesday 30 August at ST Paul St Gallery III. In keeping with the idea of fluidity and movement, the work and gallery installation will shift and change throughout the project duration: 30 August - 10 September.


Anoushka Akel \ Andrew Barber \ Whitney Bedford \ Fu-On Chung \ Elliot Collins \ Robbie Fraser \ Ian Jervis \ Claudia Jowitt \ Saskia Leek \ Patrick Lundberg \ Janet Lilo \ Emma McIntyre \ Simon Morris \ Oliver Perkins \ Patrick Pound \ John Reynolds \ Imogen Taylor \ Isobel Thom \ Andy Thomson \ Anh Tran \ Denys Watkins \ Amber Wilson

The participating artists are contributing works to the project dialogue over time - the works will come and go! Some will replace others - new relationships will occur. The iterative nature of this changing installation is intended to reflect the developing conversation ...
In order to see all of the works in action, come to both opening events ... !
(ie. Not all work will appear at once!)

Opening event/ 01: Tuesday 30th August. 5.30pm
Artists coffee morning: Saturday 3rd September. 11am
Opening event/ 02: Tuesday 6th September. 5.30pm

To enquire about works by CLAUDIA JOWITT or PATRICK POUND: