Claudia Jowitt | Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards


Congratulations to CLAUDIA JOWITT who has jointly won the Arts Whakatane Award at the Molly Morpeth Canaday Aewards on the weekend with her work "Baka IV" from 2020.  

Guest judge Karl Chitham says - "The second work is a similar study in excess but from a very different perspective. Created using the familiar and for some, not so fa- miliar tools and processes of cooking and the kitchen, this work is a study in more is more. Referencing multiple cultural traditions, it is the viewer’s job to examine and dissect the surface in order to see the carefully placed moments of discovery – tiny pieces of paua, little sparkling slivers of copper leaf and the linked network of cowrie shells. It would be easy to be caught up in the soft pastel curves, squiggles and flurries that pervade the canvas, but the real joy of this work is the small, sometimes jarring, treasures hidden in-between."

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