Jennifer Mason


Jennifer Mason is an oil painter based in Auckland where she is a resident artist at Corban Estate Arts Centre. Her practice explores the body and skin via figurative and abstract works using a limited fleshy palette. Her abstract works originated by having a board next to her more realistic works where she would wipe her brush clean. Depending on where she worked on the figurative painting patterns started to form on the abstract versions, developing into fragmented peachy shadows of their twin. From these smaller ‘wipe boards’ a new interest developed into larger works where the focus was on surface as it relates to skin and its various delicate, translucent layers.

Jennifer Mason studied towards the MFA program at Glasgow School of Art, completed post graduate study at Stony Brook University in New York and at Elam School of Fine Arts, she also holds a BA in Women’s Studies from the UOA. In 2016 she collaborated with Claire McCue and the New Music Expedition Ensemble to produce a video work that was performed live with an orchestra at the Assembly Hall in Glasgow. The work explored ideas about inside / outside, self / other in a humorous, pastiche laden performance.

Selected Media.

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