Kirstin Carlin

Other Avenues

2nd Jul –
26th Jul 2014

For her first solo exhibition at Melanie Roger Gallery, KIRSTIN CARLIN, working predominantly from Auckland's Property Press, takes a somewhat low form of image making, the printed reproduction of digital photographs for highly commercial and functional purposes and permeates these through a particular fine art process of oil painting.  Thus the title "Other Avenues" hints at otherness, neighbours, ones whose grass may seem greener when spied upon in the Property Press or anonymously during an open home.  And the 'avenues' point to Carlin's re-occurring avenues of trees, thoroughfares created by established trees, secure fences and well built paths.  The ubiquity and commonality of such landscape, one made  up of trees, path and sky, means that these 'other avenues' could be anywhere, everywhere and no-where.

A new catalogue publication will be released to mark this exhibition with new writing by art historian and curator VICTORIA WYNNE-JONES.


  1. Jul. 2014. KIRSTIN CARLIN publication
  2. Jun. 2014. Winter Solstice Public Programmes | Gavin Hurley & Kirstin Carlin