Martin Poppelwell


9th Mar –
2nd Apr 2016

An exhibition of new paintings by MARTIN POPPELWELL that explores and romances his local landscape of Bluff Hill in Napier.

To the Old Eye – imagining analogue
A man of ideas and a woman of ideas and love
A beautiful broken broom…
A beautiful broken painting…
All these colours and ideas they are almost joined
almost loose
almost something
almost silly
almost coy
almost amused
almost distracted
almost light
almost surreal
almost playful

Nature repeats herself; or almost does, repeat repeat, revise revise
Almost exactly
Each day meandering down the road towards the coast; the aperture between the valley widens on one side of the Bluff; and the other the goal reserve; at the bottom the parade.
The old horizon extends straight out – there is one line – uninterrupted.
Each day the same path down the road and back up.
Up and down
On and on
Home and site

- MP, 2016

This exhibition is timed to coincide with Poppelwell's "A Storage Problem" - his major exhibition of ceramics at Objectspace for Auckland Festival 2016.

NOTE: The gallery will be closed for the Easter holiday break 25 - 29th March.


  1. Mar. 2016. White Night | Auckland Festival 2016
  2. Feb. 2016. MARTIN POPPELWELL | A Storage Problem | Objectspace as part of Auckland Festival